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Athanasius disciple of Aetius. often refers to him against the Arians. account of him, cf. ans, c. iv. sect. 4. in his treatise For a Newman fuller s Ari- THE GOSPEL OF ST. LUKE. 11 Firstborn, not as being the first of them, but as the first And just as cause of their receiving the title of sonship. "for the Father being called the first I, He saith, am the am after regard Him as and first, us to Him ; I Is. xli. 4 . assuredly will not compel things" similar in nature to those that are after these though the Son be called the first of creation, or all creation, it by no means follows that I one of the things made but just as the Father said so also the Firstborn before He am " is : the first," to He shew that is the origin of all things, in the same sense the Son also is called the first of creation.

Cyril s i. 14, Op. Comiv. Him increase of admiration on the part of all who beheld Him, and daily witnessed a fuller manifestation of His glory or, as the two latter extracts teach, it refers to the human As I have not been able nature. : S. Cyril s it entire : " " : which there follow a few lines, which may possibly be from the Commentary on Luke and finally, we have the 28th assertion of the after " " " : The v. pt. i. 253. doctrine of these extracts is nearly " " Thesaurus, Op.

Nor mayest thou wonder that the Virgin He would that knew this not, when we themselves with little even the holy Apostles shall find faith thereupon : for verily the blessed Thomas, had he not thrust his hands into His side after the resurrection, and felt also the prints of the nails, would have disbelieved the other disciples telling him, The very wise Evangelist all that Christ was and had shewed Himself unto them. risen, therefore for our benefit teaches us things whatsoever the Son, when He was made flesh, and consented to bear our poverty, endured for our sakes and in our behalf, that so we may glorify Him as our Redeemer, as our Lord, as our Saviour, and our God Whom and with : Whom gby God the Father and the Holy Ghost be the glory and the power for ever and ever, Amen.

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