By Leo Tolstoy

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A Confession — an essay by means of Leo Tolstoy on his non secular ideas — indicates the good writer in means of searching for solutions to profound questions that difficulty all who take them on: "What will come of my life?" and "What is the which means of life?": those are questions whose solutions have been an absolute requirement for Tolstoy. through the essay, Tolstoy indicates diverse makes an attempt to discover solutions at the examples of technology, philosophy, japanese knowledge and the critiques of his fellow novelists. . . . discovering no viable answer in any of those, Tolstoy acknowledges the deep spiritual convictions of normal humans as containing the most important to precise solutions.

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96, 1972. C - Qeboul A1-Majame’ - Damascus Patriarchal Magazine, 11th year, No. 108. , Aleppo: 1980. 27 - Bishop Youhanna Dolabani: Al-Mithal AlRabani. Buenos Aires: 1942. 28 - Archdeacon Ne’matallah Denno: Iqamat AlDalil ala Istemrar Al-Esm Al-Assil, Mosul: 1949.

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