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1) Angelus ad virginem (both Latin and English versions); (2) a verse on the crucifixion beginning te milde lomb isprad o rode; (3) a verse on the vanity of the world beginning [w]orldes blis ne last no throwe; (4) an English version of Stabat mater iuxta crucem, Brown’s editions are reasonably accurate but not perfect. Cf. composite and normalised versions including the music in Dobson & Harrison (1979: 136, 161, 173, 176).  Margaret Laing The surviving sample of data in this hand is unfortunately rather small – 1280 words of English.

Translations and Mischsprachen in Middle English Manuscripts. So meny people longages and tonges: Philological Essays on Scots and Mediaeval English presented to Angus McIntosh ed. L. Samuels, 55–106. Edinburgh: The Editors. Bradley, Henry 1919. On the Relations between Spoken and Written Language with Special Reference to English. Oxford: Clarendon Press. The early Middle English scribe: Sprach er wie er schrieb?  Brown, Carleton. 1932. English Lyrics of the 13th Century. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

Obviously we can obtain a much finer level of phonetic detail from a living informant than from an early Middle English scribe. But what relevance does this present day example have to our concerns as historical linguists? Listening to the informant himself reading the example text elicits the following relevant observations:56 1. Initial [ð] the is [6] there is [e:p] that is [at] they (separately elicited citation form) is [e:] 2. Initial [h] he in the passage (very low stress) is [ë] he (separately elicited citation form) is [i:] and in connected speech [i] 3.

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