By William H. Brown

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31. 5. 13. 8. 27. & orsorglice faegnaö on him selfum. 6. Verb and Object a. 11. & wolde fleon öa byröenne ösere hirdelecan giemenne. 22. 12. & öeah noldon forlaetan öa öistro öaes won weorces, 'and yet they would not relinquish the darkness of the wicked deed,' b. 2. 13. 7. 7. Verb and Complement 43 a. 8. 15. 24. & magon hiera niehstum sua nytte beon, 'and they can be so useful to their neighbors,' b. 5. öonne öearf biö. 3. 7. & öy unwaesömbaerran waeren. 8. Table 1 gives the frequencies of clause-types to the nearest one-half of one percent.

20. "& öa bee eallac befullan geliornod hsefdon" 'and had fully learned all the books'. 9. 11. 10. 2. 3. 21. "foröon he nsefde gefylled öagiet öone rim his gecorenra" 'because he had not yet filled up the number of his elect'. 10. öaet he weorde onbryrd & geedniwad to öaem hefonlican eöle. " (An Old English Grammar, 2nd ed. [London, 1958], p. 78). 11 Wülfing cites gefangun instead of gefangnu (Die Syntax in den Werken Alfreds des Grossen, II [Bonn, 1897], p. 54); yet the Hatton MS. reads gefangnu.

4. 5. "hwsethwugu dzs" 'something of that' But noun phrases with two or more genitive modifiers can have a sublevel of expansion. Frequently a phrase itself functions as a genitive modifier, or, more exactly, the head of a phrase functions as a genitive modifier. 13. "öaes wisan monnes mod" 'the wise man's mind'. The phrase has a head (mod) and a genitive modifier (dzs wisan monnes). The structure of modification is itself composed 1 The division between adjectival and genitive modifiers is not without inconsistency, for some forms of the possessive pronoun take the adjective inflection (min, ure, din, and eower).

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