By Hank Marquis, Eric A. Smith

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Right here, best-selling authors Eric Smith and Hank Marquis exhibit VB programmers the right way to practice many universal programming projects comparable to effective sorting or information manipulation. by using wide examples and resource code, they train pros how, why and whilst to exploit specific algorithms and the way to conform them fast to their very own functions.

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Here's how it works. To turn a positive number into its negative: 1. , leave bit number 15 out). 2. Turn any bits that are on in this representation off and vice versa. (This is the same as applying the Notoperator on the bit Ievel) . 3. Set the leftmost (most significant) bit to 1. 4. Add 1 to the result. Fun with Numbers, Numeric Processing, and logic For example, to determine what the integer -1 is on the bit Ievel, follow these steps: 1. Take the bit pattem for I, which is lots of zeros and a I at the end, but leave off the most significant (leftmost) bit: 000 0000 0000 00012 2.

For example, to convert astring to lowercase you could use: sitem = LCase$(sitem) and to convert a string to uppercase you could use: sitem = UCase$(sitem) However, using Lease and UCase involves an awfullot of string manipulations, which, in turn, would make it ugly. Yes, code beauty is a valid consideration for developers when choosing an implementation-it's called "elegance" and all developers should aspire to it. Strings and String Handling CAPITALIZING PROPER NAMES Instead of bulky code to test each character for uppercase or lowercase and then convert as needed, it's much easier (and more elegant) to examine each individual word in the string, and then adjust the case of just the character at the border between words.

You'll see a way to convert negative integers to their bit equivalent later in this chapter. USING THEAND OPERATOR TO GET AT THE BITS Although dividing by successive powers of 2 certainly works, the best way to get at the bits packed inside a positive integer or long is to use a little bit of math combined with the And operator. The idea is that when you use the AND operator with two numbers, VB retums only those bits that are on in both numbers. For example, because 7 = 0111 2 in binary and 13 = 1101 2 in binary: 13 And 7 = 11012 AND 01112= 01012 = 5 in binary because only second and zero'th bit of both numbers are on simultaneously.

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