By Bruce S. McEwen (auth.), Dr. Detlev Ganten M.D., Ph.D., Dr. Donald Pfaff Ph.D. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642683363

ISBN-13: 9783642683367

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ISBN-13: 9783642683381

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This quantity comprises the contributions to a satellite tv for pc Symposium of the XXXI In­ ternational Congress of Physiological Sciences in Espoo, Helsinki, Finland, July 15-17,1989. the overall objective of this Symposium used to be to collect experts from diverse fields of body structure who paintings on platforms which are heavily associated functionality­ best friend with reference to behavioral variation.

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I) ADSORPTION EEEEEEEE E E service 2) COVALENT LINKAGE a) Insoluble aid b) Intermolecular linkage N'E~ ~~ c) Soluble aid zero \:). .. .m three) tM TRIX (MOLECULAR) ENTRAPMENT ~~~~~;;. .,J~-polymer matrix four) ENCAPSULATION membrane determine I. type of immobilized enzymes. Covalently associated, adsorbed, and matrix-entrapped enzymes signify level II, study at the microenvironment.

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Nature 286:231-235 Bjorklund A, Cegrell L, Falck B, Ritzen M, Rosengren E (1970) Dopamine-containing cells in sympathetic ganglia. Acta physiol Scand 78:334-338 Black IB, Geen SC (1974) Inhibition of the biochemical and morphological maturation of adrenergic neurons by nicotinic receptor blockade. J Neurochem 22:301-306 Black IB, Hendry lA, Iversen LL (1971) Trans-synaptic regulation of growth and development of adrenergic neurones in a mouse sympathetic ganglion. Brain Res 34:229-240 Black IB, Joh TH, Reis DJ (1974) Accumulation of tyrosine hydroxylase molecules during growth and development of the superior cervical ganglion.

3 Late Delayed Feedback. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 7 Feedback Regulation of Tissue CRF . . . . . . . . . . . . . " 8 Feedback Effects of Various Glucocorticoids . . . . . .

It is unclear at this point whether the hormones also potentiate NGF action during development. J. H. Patterson Analysis of the relationship between glucocorticoids and NGF during development is complicated by the absolute dependence of the neonatal neurons on NGF for their survival. This makes it difficult to determine if the steroid plays an NGF -unrelated role. One approach to this problem is the use of the clonal cell line, PC12. This line was derived from an adrenal medullary tumor, but has many characteristics of sympathetic neurons (Greene and Tischler 1976).

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Adrenal Actions on Brain by Bruce S. McEwen (auth.), Dr. Detlev Ganten M.D., Ph.D., Dr. Donald Pfaff Ph.D. (eds.)

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