By N. Lundberg, Å. Kjällquist, G. Kullberg, U. Pontén, G. Sundbärg (auth.), H. Krayenbühl, J. Brihaye, F. Loew, V. Logue, S. Mingrino, B. Pertuiset, L. Symon, H. Troupp, M. G. Yaşargil (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3709170990

ISBN-13: 9783709170991

ISBN-10: 3709171016

ISBN-13: 9783709171011

Advances: • Non-operative administration of Intracranial high blood pressure (N. Lundberg, Å. Kjällquist, G. Kullberg, U. Pontén, G. Sundbärg) • continual grownup Hydrocephalus (J. Philippon, D. Ancri) • surgical procedure of Craniostenosis in complicated instances. a mode of in depth Subperiosteal Resection of the Vault and Base of the cranium by means of Bone Regeneration (H. Powiertowski) • Extra-Dural Hematoma (E. Zander, R. Campiche) Technical criteria: • Supratentorial Craniotomy (B. Pertuiset) • removing of Extramedullary Benign Spinal twine Tumors (B. Guidetti)

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This 24 N. : routine may be discarded if the ventricular fluid pressure is continuously controlled during and after the examination (Fig. 9). Unless operation is urgent for other reasons, it will usually be delayed for one or two days after pneumography. ~ 80 60 ~j ~ .... 120 105 \ 40 ~ 90 BP "0 BP 215 BP170 60 75 20 ~--- ..... ------- - 45 30 0 o 15 "MINUTES Fig. 11. Case 644 A. , 55 year old woman. Verified meta8ta8is in left cerebellar hemisphere. P08toperative hematoma. Slightly increased lCP preoperatively, no plateau waves.

Their first report concerning the use of dexamethasone in the treatment of cerebral edema resulting from brain tumours and brain surgery appeared in 1961 (Galicich and French 1961, French and Galicich 1964); a recent report (Maxwell et al. ed patients. In the meantime treatment with steroids in high dosage has become widely used for various cerebral disorders associated with edema and many clinical investigations have been reported. There is general agreement that corticosteroids have a favourable effect on the symptoms of raised lOP and neurological deficit in the majority of patients with malignant brain tumours, primary or metastatic, and that steroid treatment reduces the frequency of postoperative complications related to cerebral edema.

1968, Plum and Posner 1972). It has long been known that hyperventilation with the reduction of PaC0 2 below 20 mm Hg produces cerebral symptoms in the form of blurred consciousness and EEG changes. However, lasting cerebral symptoms due to hyperventilation have never been observed. Furthermore, no arguments have been presented which convincingly contradict the conception of Noell and Schneider (1944) that in pronounced hyperventilation the "hypoxic factor" by counteracting further vasoconstriction protects the brain against any critical decrease of the oxygen supply.

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Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery by N. Lundberg, Å. Kjällquist, G. Kullberg, U. Pontén, G. Sundbärg (auth.), H. Krayenbühl, J. Brihaye, F. Loew, V. Logue, S. Mingrino, B. Pertuiset, L. Symon, H. Troupp, M. G. Yaşargil (eds.)

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