By R. M. Elliott

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This quantity comprises the contributions to a satellite tv for pc Symposium of the XXXI In­ ternational Congress of Physiological Sciences in Espoo, Helsinki, Finland, July 15-17,1989. the final function of this Symposium used to be to assemble experts from varied fields of body structure who paintings on platforms which are heavily associated functionality­ best friend in regards to behavioral model.

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I) ADSORPTION EEEEEEEE E E service 2) COVALENT LINKAGE a) Insoluble aid b) Intermolecular linkage N'E~ ~~ c) Soluble aid zero \:). .. .m three) tM TRIX (MOLECULAR) ENTRAPMENT ~~~~~;;. .,J~-polymer matrix four) ENCAPSULATION membrane determine I. class of immobilized enzymes. Covalently associated, adsorbed, and matrix-entrapped enzymes symbolize level II, study at the microenvironment.

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S . , Rendiconti, Scuola Chem. Internationale Soc, 8 1 ,4477 (1959). di Fisica, Varenna 2 9 , 1015 (1958). 1 9 5 9 , Corso 1 3 , 1 5 8 - 1 6 5 a t a l i a n Physical S o c i e t y 1 9 6 0 ) . DISCUSSION V . H . D I B E L E R : I n these studies the species with a n even n u m b e r o f c a r b o n a t o m s are the m o r e c o m m o n . H o w d o e s this relate t o your observations o f carbon vapour ionized by electron impact, where I recall the species o f o d d carbon number were the m o r e abundant?

COGGESHALL: A r e y o u sure it is correct t o attribute the i o n currents at l o w c a r b o n numbers t o the direct production of l o w carbon number species? T h e similarity t o t h e electron impact cracking patterns of alkanes suggests the possibility that the heavier species are formed initially in greater abundance, a n d the high intensity observed for the lighter species could represent the break-up of these larger fragments. MASS SPECTROMETRIC STUDIES OF SOLID SURFACES 37 R. E. H o N i o : This is a complicated question and I d o n o t think I can answer it fully, but I certainly believe that the intensities s h o w n can be reasonably interpreted as indicating corresponding abundances for the negative ion species.

HONIG representing a concentration of not more than 2 per cent, mass 50 ( C 4 H 2 ) being predominant. No neutrals typical of the Ge surface were detected. The preponderance of CO found is not surprising since this gas is a major constituent in aU vacuum systems that utihze hot filaments. In fact, it has been found in all previous and subsequent experiments with " clean " surfaces. Thus, the major portion of the CO is beheved to be representative of the system rather than of the surface. The four hydrocarbon constituents are proof that the surface had been alkylated, and the preponderance of T A B L E 1.

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