By Eoin Colfer

ISBN-10: 0786856289

ISBN-13: 9780786856282

ISBN-10: 1423132211

ISBN-13: 9781423132219

After being held prisoner for years, Artemis Fowl's father has ultimately come domestic. he's a brand new man-an sincere guy, a lot to Artemis's horror. He makes his son promise to renounce his lifetime of crime, and Artemis has to move besides it. yet no longer until eventually he has accomplished one final scheme. Artemis has developed a super-computer from stolen fairy know-how. referred to as the "C Cube," it is going to render all latest human know-how out of date. He arranges a gathering with a robust Chicago businessman, Jon Spiro, to dealer a deal for the C dice. yet Spiro springs a trap-he steals the C dice and mortally injures Butler. Artemis is aware his in simple terms desire of saving his dependable bodyguard is to hire fairy magic; so once more he needs to touch his outdated rival, Captain Holly in need of the LEPrecon fairy police. it will take a miracle to save lots of Butler, and Artemis's good fortune could have simply run out.

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He didn’t say anything else, because his mouth was full of congealing foam. ‘Don’t worry,’ said Holly. ’ Grub was still examining his hangnail when Holly emerged from the van. She removed her helmet, wiping the soot from the visor with the sleeve of her jumpsuit. It was supposed to be non-stick; maybe she should send it in for another coating. ’ asked Grub. ‘Yes, Corporal. Everything is all right. ’ Grub had the audacity to look offended. ‘I was securing the perimeter, Captain. ’ That was typical Grub, an excuse for every occasion.

His brain began calculating odds the moment pictures arrived from his retinas: Blunt was in the act of firing. Nothing could be done about that now. There was only one option. Without hesitation, Butler took it. In his right hand, Blunt held a silenced pistol. ‘You first,’ he said. ’ Arno Blunt cocked the gun, took aim briefly and fired. Butler came from nowhere. He seemed to fill the entire room, flinging himself in the bullet’s path. From a greater distance, the Kevlar in his bulletproof vest might have held, but at point-blank range, the Teflon-coated bullet drilled through the waistcoat like a hot poker through snow.

Barre chewed it over. ‘OK. Let’s synchronize schedules. The forensics team is going to be in there for a couple of hours. Nothing I can do about that. But at six-thirty precisely, I can guarantee there won’t be anyone on duty. ’ ‘Good. ’ Artemis kept his voice even. ‘Yes, Detective Inspector. ’ If I get the opportunity, he thought. ICE AGE CRYOGENICS INSTITUTE, OFF HARLEY STREET, LONDON The Ice Age Cryogenics Institute was not actually on London’s Harley Street. Technically, it was tucked away in Dickens Lane, a side alley on the famous medical boulevard’s southern end.

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