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An Ideal Gas is one that obeys the following Equation of State. 986 Btu/ lbmol/°R Absolute temperature in degrees Rankine or Kelvins Note that ℜ is the Universal Gas Constant. A gas constant for a particular gas can be obtained by dividing the universal constant by the molar mass to obtain the following equation. 2) where M is molecular weight of gas. 4) Normally an Ideal Gas must be a pure substance. However, air is a mixture that obeys the Ideal Gas Equation over a broad range of values for temperature and pressure.

For a molecule, which is very close to the wall of container, exerts lees force on the wall, due to the intermolecular attractive forces with other molecules. 1 Simple Real Gas Equations of State At higher pressures or lower temperatures, the equation of state becomes more complicated. The volume taken up by the molecules of the gas must be considered and the attraction of the molecules for each other lessens the pressure they exert on their container. 5) where a and b are constants appropriate to the specific gas.

375, which would be a measure of the departure of the Van der Waals gas from an Ideal Gas. 375, or even close. Above the critical point, at higher pressure, the Van der Waals equation is fairly satisfactory and is useful in many cases. Other equations of state give better values of Zc, but no two parameters Equation of State adequately describes all properties of pure substances near the vapor dome. 3 Other Useful Two Parameter Equations of State Many equations of state have been proposed to represent P − V − T data more accurately than the Ideal Gas Law for those regions where it does not apply.

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