By Gerald H. Wagman and Marvin J. Weinstein (Eds.)

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Finally, chromatography of antibiotic hydrolysates followed by a ninhydrin spray is a useful “fingerprint” technique for comparison of similar substances, most particularly for identification of aminoglycosides. 0). This can be mounted with the zero end held fast to a strip of metal and a movable clamp attached to the opposite end of the tape. 0” placed at the front. The R, can then be read directly from the scale opposite the antibiotic zone. A rapid, simple means of recording chromatographic data is the use of Polaroid equipment.

TLC 2 Medium Cellulose F (Merck) acid 39 Solvents RF A. n-Propanol- pyridine- acetic acid - w ater (15:10:3:12) B. 89 B C D Ref. A. C. Vining, Can. J. , 3 (1957) 953-965 Ref. Y. Okami, T. Kitahara, M. Hamada, H. Naganawa, S. Kondo, K. Maeda, T. Takeuchi and H. Umezawa, J. 16 Ref. T. Naito, S. Nakagawa, Y. Narita, S. Toda, Y. Abe, M. Oka, H. Yamashita, T. Yamasaki, K. Fujisawa and H. Kawaguchi, J. 27 Ref. S. Nakamura, Phenol-water (80: 20) H. Umezawa and N. Ishida, J. , 15 (1961) 163-164 ReJ J. Berger, D.

Benzene-methanol-acetone-acetic (14:4: 1: 1) Ref. W. L. Caron and C. De Boer, J. Amer. Chem. , 75 (1953) 5864-5866 PC 2 B. n-Butanol-acetic acid-water (3: 1 : 1) C. 95% Ethanol-water (6:4) Ref. As PC Solvent 1-Butanol satd. 0, and paper strips impregnated with the buffer soh. TLC 2 Medium Cellulose F (Merck) acid 39 Solvents RF A. n-Propanol- pyridine- acetic acid - w ater (15:10:3:12) B. 89 B C D Ref. A. C. Vining, Can. J. , 3 (1957) 953-965 Ref. Y. Okami, T. Kitahara, M. Hamada, H. Naganawa, S.

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