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If the dispersive sites dominate, the overall property of the molecule will be dispersive which the biotechnologists call "hydrophobic" or "lyophobic". If dipoles and polarizable groups dominate in the molecule, then the overall property of the molecule will be polar, which the biotechnologist call "hydrophilic" or lyophilic". These terms are not based on physical chemical argument but have evolved largely in the discipline of biology. Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Interactions The term "hydrophobic interaction" implies some form of molecular repulsion, which, of course, outside the Van der Waals radii of a molecule, is impossible.

Html. 49 The Golay Equation for Open Tubular Columns The corresponding equation describing dispersion in an open tubular column was developed by Golay (10) for GC columns but is equally applicable to LC columns and to dispersion in connecting tubes. The Golay equation differs from equation (10) in that, as there is no packing, there can be no multipath term. Consequently, the equation contains only three functions. One function describes dispersion from longitudinal diffusion and the other two describes dispersion from the resistance to mass transfer in the mobile and stationary phases, respectively.

56 y Ac where (y) is the output of the detector in appropriate units, (c) is the concentration of solute in the mobile phase, and (A) is a constant. All are designed to provide a response that is as close as possible to linear for accurate quantitative analysis. , the output from a light adsorption sensor will be exponential and, consequently, it must be used with a logarithmic amplifier to produce an output that is linearly related to solute concentration). g. g. g. g. g. Absorption Units) ( 2D ) (ml2 often ml2) Sensitivity or minimum detectable concentration Total Detection System Dispersion Cell Dimensions (length (l), and radius (r)), (cm) (VD), ml.

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